The Story Behind Darla

According to Pew Research there are over 91 million people using internet dating sites and over one third of them are over fifty years old. An astounding number, as I assumed, searching and finding love was mainly for the young.

This book was written to share my story of my search for the man of my dreams, and to hopefully inspire other women to have, One Last Kick At The Can!

Loneliness can be brutal …

When a person is left alone due to divorce or the death of their spouse, or just plainly dumped, facing the reality of a new future can be overwhelming. The loneliness can be brutal. Everything has changed. Close friends have their spouses and their own routines. There is a huge empty space.

How do you find a new life for yourself? Take some time to reevaluate yourself. Remember the old days when you had dreams? Dreams that perhaps were not fulfilled due to your unselfish devotion to family life.

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You are never too old for romance.


I believe age is irrelevant. You are still you, that fun joyous person, and with a little encouragement you can find yourself again. This is the time to think about youself. Catch up with old friends, dare to travel – Paris, New York, the Grand Canyon, or some place intriguing and close to you.

There are so many positive things to do. Learn more about your country, maybe learn another language, or be inspired to write a book like I have. Share the wonderful and maybe not so wonderful stories of your life. You are important and your contributions are important.

About the authors:

S.D. Forster

SD Forster has worked most of her life in the world of business, later teaching English at an International Language College.  She has travelled extensively and has lived in the UK, Australia, the USA and Canada.  She now lives and travels between Vancouver and New York City.

Diane Foley

Diane Foley was born in Cardiff, Wales but immigrated to Canada when she was 17. She is a world traveler preferring the roads less traveled. Diane is a grandmother and now lives on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia.