What is your score going to be today?

Mar 28, 2017

A few years ago, I was staying with friends in a small city near Vancouver, British Columbia.  I had been invited over for a weekend of fun. I had to make a phone call and was directed to a lovely old wooden desk sitting in an alcove. As I made my call I saw their desk calendar had daily inspirational quotes relating to golf. My host was an avid golfer and, now that he was retired, played at least a few times a week. Today’s little inspirational message was simple. It said, “What is your score going to be today?”

I fell in love with that quote. In the morning lying in bed before my day started, I asked myself that question, “What is your score going to be today?” It inspired me to do thoughtful things like send a get well card, or phone a person I knew was having a rough time. Sometimes, it was just making sure I made the best of a sunny day and went to the beach. Often, I consciously made sure I did something enjoyable like meeting friends for lunch or coffee.

I did the same thing at night lying in bed before I went to sleep. I would ask that question in the dark of the room, “Well, what was your score today?”  It made me happy to realize I had spent my time doing positive things. Like dropping off items to our local Thrift Store or taking the time to choose some interesting books at the library. I loved to remember that I had jumped out of bed early to go to the local Farmer’s market to buy fresh vegetables and good healthy bread from the Dragon Seed bakery because they often sold out by 11 am. It gave me a smile to think I had spent time with my beloved grandchildren or played bridge with my three best bridge buddies.

That one little quote on that desk calendar had made me look at life differently and I am sure thankful and grateful that it did. It had made me conscious of not wasting precious time and of making the most out of every day.

So, “What is your score going to be today?”