Darla's Last Kick at the Can

A Novel about Romance …

and never being too old to take the plunge

Darla is a fighter. She may be pushing sixty and may have been dumped by the man of her dreams but she is not finished yet. After hearing a group of women describing their on-line dating experiences, Darla, the eternal optimist, spurred on by her friend Diane, decides to take the plunge. Thus unfolds the hilarious adventures of one woman’s journey into internet dating, self discovery, and ultimately regaining her love of life, as Darla tries one last kick at the can.

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Hilarious and heartbreaking – Darla’s Last Kick At The Can is a must-read for every mature woman who wants to try on-line dating. Darla has to kiss many frogs before she finds her prince though she stays optimistic thanks, in part, from the support of her good women friends. Some of the dates are weird or sinister but each one is good for a funny story. Darla includes a list of tips for handling your own on-line search for companionship.

Jan DeGrass – Editor, Arts & Entertainment, Coast Reporter

Misadventures, diverted journeys, heartfelt moments and unexpected encounters fill the pages as we discover Darla’s insatiable lust for life and love. Nothing will stop her. Nothing will dampen her spirits. With the support of her friend, Diane, she navigates the world of on-line dating like a ship’s Captain. Full steam ahead!

Louise Lefebvre – Author, An Indian in India

Hilarious and poignant, Darla’s Last Kick At The Can will resonate with anyone who’s ever attempted the elusive search for love.

Rebecca L. Hendry – Author, Grace River


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